2023 Consumer Appreciation Award

Sharon Maitland – Amana Living

Sharon inspires her staff to do their best every day. She is loving, caring, diligent, compassionate, involved, and persevering. She is always there for her residents, even on days off and holidays, and cares deeply about them. She takes on board what people say and ensures everyone in her care is treated with respect and dignity. 

Sharon has a deep relationship with every resident, she knows their history and understands them. She treats all residents as family, not customers, and is involved in every aspect of their life leading by example. One example that stands out in the nominator’s mind “Sharon personally fed my mother during her last week of life despite it not being her job. Sharon then moved my father into a room where he could see our family dining room from his balcony Sharon is special and I can think of no one else more deserving of this award”. 

Sharon displays exceptional leadership and delivery of high-quality nursing care. The staff are cheerful, diligent, and caring with nothing being too much trouble. Sharon ensures her staff are well-guided and happy which cascades to everyone in the building. 

Sue-Anne Hawkins – Community Midwifery Program, North Metropolitan Health Service

Sue-Anne is an exceptional midwife resembling everything a midwife stands for. She has a vast experience of midwifery care and possesses an invaluable wealth of knowledge. The thorough education Sue-Anne shares with the women she cares for allows mothers to make confident and informed decisions. This instils empowerment and resilience to the community of pregnant women through whichever birth journey and challenges they face.

“Sue-Anne was a fierce advocate for me. The support, reassurance, and empowerment she provided as my midwife was so valued. I work within the hospital system as a registered midwife, and I truly was beyond impressed by the care I was so blessed to receive from Sue-Anne. Sue-Anne encompasses the values of protection, loyalty, and dedication. I hope she can be recognised and appreciated for her devotion to her career as a midwife through this excellence award”. 

Carissa Williams – Women and Newborn Health Service, King Edward Memorial Hospital

Carissa possesses a common-sense approach to birthing that is an asset to the community. She provides compassionate, balanced, and practical advice and assistance. Although her job is difficult and important, she performs it with such kindness and professionalism.

“Carissa was with me for both my pregnancies and births. I felt a deep trust which allowed me to feel relaxed throughout some uncertain times with changing COVID policies in 2022. 

After an easy first pregnancy, my baby decided to turn into a breech position at 36 weeks. How Carissa helped us through this unexpected event was nothing short of amazing. She listened to our concerns, met our questions with balanced answers, and truly gave us the time and resources we needed to decide on how to proceed. Throughout my second pregnancy, I always felt listened to, supported, and affirmed in my choice for a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section), even as I reached 42 weeks. Carissa’s confidence in my ability to birth naturally bolstered my own confidence and led to an incredibly redemptive birth. On the day of the birth, Carissa advocated for me when doctors attempted to coerce me to go against my birth plan, and she made me feel safe and calm enough to achieve the unmedicated VBAC I so longed for. Our family feels extremely lucky to have had such a truly lovely midwife with us through this journey.”