2023 Excellence in Aboriginal Health

Maddison Bell – WA Country Health Services, Kimberley

Maddison, who likes to be called Olivia, works part-time as a midwife in the Kimberley, and part-time as a project officer implementing the ‘Birthing on Country’ model of care. A project she is deeply passionate about. Additionally, Olivia is involved in the Replanting the Birthing Trees project which aims to transform compounding cycles of intergenerational trauma and harm to positively reinforcing cycles of nurturing and recovery for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents and babies during the first 2000 days.

Olivia also leads the stakeholder group that implements the WA Country Health Service “Positive Indigenous Birthing Program,” ensuring this is available for every Aboriginal woman in all regional and remote communities. In this role Olivia provides advice and guidance to midwives who are navigating their own understanding of the complexities experienced by indigenous women and their families, particularly in caring for women in a culturally safe and appropriate manner.  

Amanda Daly – Child and Adolescent Health Service, Community Health

Amanda is a Child Health Clinical Nurse for the Aboriginal Health Team responsible for providing community-based care and support to vulnerable Aboriginal families with children under 5 years of age. Amanda is passionate about infant mental health and continually applies a family-focused needs assessment ensuring the child’s health outcomes are at the centre of everything she does.  

Amanda has been instrumental in setting up a new outreach Aboriginal Child Health Clinic and has partnered with community services and the North Metropolitan TAFE REACH (Roaming Education and Community Health) Centre to facilitate further education for nursing students studying a Diploma of Nursing.  

Amanda is a positive and proactive thinker who actively seeks to improve the quality-of-service provision. Her passion for providing excellent care is demonstrated through her seeking continuous professional development and collaborating and seeking advice from the multidisciplinary team. Amanda has a kind and compassionate communication style. She brings a vibrant energy to the workplace and leads with an example of excellence that inspires others to be their best simply by always giving her best.