2023 Excellence in Education

Jodie Atkinson – Women and Newborn Health Service, North Metropolitan Health Service

Jodie has a decade-long career in midwifery education empowering others through learning. As Midwife Educator and Graduate Program Coordinator at King Edward Memorial Hospital Jodie multitasks providing direct support for newly qualified midwives and working behind the scenes to secure a wide range of clinical placement options. Due to her efforts in its coordination, recruitment, planning and improvement King Edward Memorial Hospital’s Graduate Program has expanded threefold since Jodie’s involvement.

Jodie has always embraced career opportunities and encourages the next generation of midwives to do similarly. She instils self-belief in others and firmly believes in prioritising wellbeing so midwives can enjoy long and fulfilling careers. 

Jodie’s leadership and passion to learn benefits the wider midwifery community through her membership in the Congress of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nurses and Midwives (CATSINaM), presentations at conferences, advocacy with the Minister for Health’s Office, networking with universities, and her role as Western Australia’s Branch Chair of the Australian College of Midwives.  

Jodie demonstrates compassion, integrity, and devotion whilst recognising the individuality of every person.  She is committed to improving outcomes for minority and disadvantaged groups and works to support cultural safety for Aboriginal mothers and provide staff with the knowledge to optimise care for LGBTQIA patients. 

Holly Clegg – Murdoch University

Holly is committed to advancing the nursing profession through educational excellence reflected in the enthusiasm brought to her role at Murdoch University. Holly is a talented educator and academic being generous with her time, ideas, expertise, and energy. She lectures full-time in the Bachelor of Nursing course, represents several university and external committees, is a year and unit coordinator, clinical lead for simulated learning and wound care, and team leader for the development of a new student nurse competency framework.   

Holly consistently works to broaden her clinical and pedagogical knowledge and applies this to the classroom using the latest innovative teaching methods. Her commitment to her students’ experience is outstanding and the units she coordinates consistently receive above-average student feedback. Her dynamism is an inspiration to her colleagues and students alike. 

Holly’s humility and natural leadership skills make her known within and outside the university. She is a quiet achiever and a spirited advocate for excellence. Her engagement with advanced teaching and learning environments has seen her receive research grants, undertake research with external partners and present findings at industry-wide forums. Holly is internationally recognised for her wound care expertise recently becoming the first non-European invitee to the European Wound Management Association’s Teacher Network.

Tash Clutterbuck – St John of God, Murdoch

Tash has a supportive and approachable nature which enables her to excel in her role as Clinical Educator for 352 perioperative staff. She expertly manages all professional development and internal training having responsibility for students and graduates undertaking clinical placements and Graduate Programs.  

Tash consistently works to foster a culture where staff are valued and included through learning. 

She is committed to her own education and development which motivates and inspires others to reach their full potential finding this “magical”. She consistently champions innovative programs to build confidence in her colleagues and encourages qualification and scholarship opportunities.

Tash was involved in the development and implementation of the Theatre Discovery program providing the opportunity to experience the perioperative specialty in a safe and supportive learning environment. The program made a measurable impact on workforce retention and is being replicated across other hospitals.  Tash has created many successful learning workshops, is a Director of Advanced Life Support, and a sessional lecturer at the University of Notre Dame. Her work is guided by a belief in kind and compassionate patient-centred care and a steadfast commitment to excellence.

Helen Herson – North Metropolitan Health Service, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

Helen recognises the increasing demand for renal dialysis and the stress this has placed upon the nursing workforce. Her energetic leadership motivates the delivery of compassionate, patient-centred care where Helen is considered a role model and her expertise as an educator, researcher, and clinician is widely recognised.  

Helen is motivated to achieve the best outcomes for patients and staff challenging the status quo when goals of care are not delivered. Her unwavering integrity and respect for others means when she speaks, others listen. 

Helen is as comfortable sharing her knowledge as she is allowing others to flourish. Her staunch advocacy for the unit “growing their own” reflects a passion for empowering others and she will accept extra shifts and reschedule leave to ensure staff attend learning opportunities and the ward has safe coverage.  

Helen’s enquiring mind and strong research background drive innovative education programs enabling staff to provide contemporary evidence-based patient care. Helen was instrumental in the design and implementation of the Renal Dialysis – Rapid Upskilling Program that addresses the renal staffing crisis through advanced training, formal succession planning, and recruitment strategies. The program has delivered measurable gains that would not be possible without the partnerships Helen has fostered and the encouragement she has provided.