2023 Excellence in Enrolled Nursing

Rachelle Johnson – Child and Adolescent Health Service, Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Rachelle is an exceptional mental health nurse whose role involves managing the risk of suicidal and self-harming behaviours of young people within the acute stream at Bentley Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. Rachelle is professional, meticulous, and measured in her clinical assessment of risk and as such is seen by her colleagues as a “go to” person for the risk management of young persons.  

Rachelle is well respected team player possessing unique and remarkable clinical skills whilst maintaining a compassionate and warm personality. Rachelle’s involvement in clinical presentations excels and where she can she shares her expertise within her professional networks.  

Rachelle sets high standards in relation to both client care and professional standards. Her primary focus of advocating for her patients drives her to deliver a level of care that ensures her patients receive the care and treatment they require and deserve. Rachelle has an ability to meaningfully engage with adolescents and their family and she is driven to do better in ensuring that each young person can be the best they can.  

Rachel Bouwman – Armadale Kalamunda Group

Rachel is responsible for generating and collecting data for newborn hearing screening activity for the Women and Children’s Service Newborn Hearing Screening Program. Although her role is demanding Rachel is friendly, approachable, and caring and tackles every day displaying Armadale Health Service’s core values of kindness and respect.

Rachel invests time and effort explaining medical processes and outcomes to family members. She is proactive in managing clinics and waiting lists and always accommodates families with her outward thinking. Rachel has become a permanent screener building strong professional relationships with various disciplines. She advocates on behalf of newborns and liaises with the Midwifery team to ensure follow ups and referrals are completed in a timely manner. Rachel’s passion for positive outcomes and dedication to providing the best newborn hearing screening service drives the team to achieve all its Key Performance Indicators. 2023 commenced with a perfect 100% screening rate for babies born at Armadale Health Service and 100% screening rate for newborns transferred to Armadale Health Service from other sites. 

Jodie Everley – South Metropolitan Health Service, Fiona Stanley Fremantle Hospital Group

Jodie has developed, built, and maintained relationships within her team at the Acute Medical Unit at Fiona Stanley Hospital by being genuine, authentic, and showing interest in her patients and others. Jodie has demonstrated leadership as a junior nurse, emphasizing family, empathy, and compassion. She influences her team by regularly checking in and showing kindness, supporting shared goals, speaking up for safety and promoting excellence. She drives patient focused initiatives and promotes patient safety with a team-based approach.  

Jodie demonstrates effective clear and concise communication by speaking out in huddles and highlighting her teammates when they have worked well. She fosters a culture of patient-centred care by supporting the individual, making meaningful connections, empathising with them, and going out of her way to maximise patient outcomes.  

Jodie’s positivity, kindness, and respectfulness towards everyone around her makes her a joy to be with. She loves coming to work each day and feels that nursing is a privilege. She believes compassion and empathy are the corner stones of nursing delivered through actions and words. 

Bruno Cordier – Bethesda Health Care

Bruno is an integral team member of the Bethesda Health Care Palliative Care Unit team having significant knowledge, experience, and skills. He provides empathetic, holistic, and quality care to patients, their families and support networks during their stay on the ward. Bruno is a true advocate and voice for his patients and their loved ones when they are at their most vulnerable.  

Bruno is calm, fair, and respectful delivering quality palliative care to all patients. He is approachable and kind and brings a calming effect to his colleagues and the ward. He actively contributes to the multidisciplinary clinical handover and shares his experience, knowledge, and skills with clinical and non-clinical staff within the multidisciplinary team to ensure everyone is providing a united front of support and care for patients.

Bruno is passionate about palliative care nursing striving for patients to have a dignified and peaceful death, guiding family and friends through the dying process, and being truly present with someone throughout their passing. Bruno states “This is a very sacred experience and a true privilege to be there for someone at the end of their journey.”