2023 Excellence in Registered Nursing

Glenn Yepes – South Metropolitan Health Service, Fiona Stanley Hospital

Glenn is a Clinical Nurse on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Fiona Stanley Hospital. He provides evidence-based nursing care, advocates for patients, families and carers, manages the research team, and facilitates the Neonatal Resuscitation Programme.  

Glenn is innovative and eager to learn, influencing and motivating colleagues to work at the top of their scope of practice. He has developed the Fiona Stanley Hospital Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) service and gestational calculator; an innovative calculator that identifies when interventions and medications are due based on correct gestation. Since the commencement of the ROP service in 2021 Glenn and his team have screened 104 neonates on 252 occasions reducing the risk to the patient and organisation. 

Glenn is an excellent and accomplished team member who possesses exceptional communication skills, is dedicated to his role, provides great guidance and mentorship, is knowledgeable, and always puts 100% into his work. He manages his time, patients, and responsibilities with aplomb.

Calina Ting – North Metropolitan Health Service, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

Calina manages the busiest renal transplant service in Western Australia providing lifesaving workups for Australian kidney donors and recipients. During the pandemic Calina navigated barriers to facilitate international live donor transplantation successfully managing the arrival of a UK national who had had a workup under Manchester Royal Infirmary (UK) with a plan to donate to her twin sister. This required Calina to correspond with the State Chief Health Officer’s office, the Cell Lead in State Health Incident Coordination Centre, and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Transport to ensure her donor patient arrived in Western Australia in time for her pre surgical work up.  

Calina also provides community-based services to remote and rural patients, promoting renal transplantation education and raising public awareness toward transplantation and donation. She has successfully launched a patient education animation resource named ‘Kidney Transplant – my journey’ to assist educating our First Nations People.  

Calina is passionate about developing relationships with patients and their families to help them achieve milestones and make life changes that work for them. She is enthusiastic about providing better health outcomes for Indigenous Australians and wants to provide a service that values their experience through shared decision making. Calina is proud to be in the position she is, making a difference in the life of people living with chronic kidney disease. 

Kristal Buchanan – WA Country Health Service, Geraldton Hospital

Kristal is a Clinical Nurse in the Emergency Department at Geraldton Hospital. She has 15 years of experience being dynamic, adaptable, and agile. Kristal is passionate about enabling staff and holds the Clinical Nurse portfolio for Newly Qualified Nurses where she has developed a program to support and mentor these nurses in the Emergency Department. This program has been well received.

Kristal has a high energy and is a self-motivated and reliable senior nurse who demonstrates evidence based, high quality and culturally appropriate care for all her consumers. Kristal is a strong individual with diligence and integrity, committed to improving the consumer and carer experience with access to care closer to home.  She is loyal, compassionate, and empathetic with a high work ethic.

Kristal was awarded Geraldton Hospital Nurse of the Year 2022 for her dedication and commitment to delivering high quality care to the Midwest community. Kristal consistently aligns her nursing practices with the WACHS strategic priorities of “caring for our patients, addressing disadvantage and inequity, enabling staff, collaborates with partners and leading innovation”.