2023 Graduate of The Year

Hameed Mohammed – St John of God, Midland

During his graduate year Hameed demonstrated exceptional leadership, communication, mentoring, teamwork, and nursing skills. Hameed displayed respect for all cultures and experiences exhibiting a strong commitment to nursing Indigenous Australians recognising cultural inclusivity and safety towards their health and well-being.  Hameed’s communication skills and dedication to teamwork ensure a harmonious team and supportive work environment where patients receive the best possible care. His nursing skills are exceptional, and he provides compassionate care to all.  

Hameed has received feedback from many patients and their families recognising his excellent levels of person-centred care and emotional support. One patient stated, “Hameed brings smiles to our faces.” As a graduate nurse Hameed coordinating the Christmas decoration project involving the multidisciplinary team, students, patients, and their families. For the first time in 7 years the team won best decorated ward.  

As a Postgraduate Nursing Peer Mentor and Guild Vice President Hameed represents nursing students where he advocates for better support systems. He strongly believes caring for others includes caring for each other by supporting and growing together. 

Tori White – South Metropolitan Health Service, Fiona Stanley Hospital

Tori has received positive feedback from nursing students, newly qualified graduate nurses and patients for her capabilities, kindness, and compassionate care. Tori is driven by her can-do attitude and always brings her best self to work. She delivers care that is consistent, considerate, and enthusiastic. 

As a novice practitioner Tori’s confidence and professionalism in problem solving and burgeoning clinical assessment skills has seen her make decisions that prioritise and advocate for patient safety achieving positive outcomes. Tori possesses traits of a future leader and prides herself in being diligent when providing compassionate nursing care. Tori is passionate about doing the “small things” on top of the required care for her patients as she believes it lifts their spirits and she thrives on the achievement of others, from small patient wins on the wards to student nurses achieving newfound confidence.  

Mercedes Whelan – Child and Adolescent Health Service, Community Health City Region

As a valued and respected member of the City Health Region, Mercedes simultaneously took on the roles of Child Health Nurse and School Health Nurse applying herself with a maturity and competence above the expectations of a new practitioner.  Mercedes motivates others with her infectious passion and dedication and inspires and continually supports her colleagues to seek and apply best evidence to their practice demonstrating her innate capacity as a transformational leader. 

Mercedes consistently references policies and procedures to inform her practice combining these with personal research, clinical observations, and critical thinking to ensure she is meeting the unique needs of her clients. She engages in, and encourages reflective practice, and facilitates shared learning with her colleagues’ acknowledging areas for improvement whilst modelling integrity and promoting a culture of accountability and continued learning.  

Mercedes is an exemplary role model in delivering family-centred care in a primary health care setting. She actively listens and seeks to understand clients’ situations and social determinants of health allowing her to form empowering therapeutic relationships. She articulates complex medical terminology to clients in a format appropriate to their level of health literacy, identifies family’s strengths, validates their concerns, and shares their joy.  

Jada Hansen – WA Country Health Service, Goldfields

Jada is an exceptional graduate Enrolled Nurse who repeatedly demonstrates her commitment to nursing. She is a quiet achiever always willing to go above and beyond to ensure the best outcomes for her patients.  

Jada’s strongest attribute is her willingness to mentor others. She understands nursing requires ongoing learning and development and consistently shares her knowledge and experience easily adapting to work across multiple areas. Jada is trusted and reliable being awarded challenges which she accepts, adhering to safe practice, asking the right questions, and making the most of every learning opportunity. Jada’s patient-centred focus is noteworthy as she strives to build therapeutic relationships ensuring the patient remains at the centre of their health care journey whilst all their needs are met. 

Jada is dedicated to nursing and is an excellent role model. Her passion will lead her to achieve remarkable things. A proud Aboriginal, Jada can be seen recruiting Aboriginal nurses within the Goldfields whilst acting as a valuable resource for her colleagues around cultural sensitivity focusing on improving aboriginal health outcomes. Her passion for advocacy of Aboriginal patients will see her pave the way for cultural change. Jada’s dedication is evidenced by her participation in the Goldfields Health Aboriginal Reference Group.