2024 Consumer Appreciation Award

Jo Palmer – Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal Network, St John of God Health Care

Jo is a Clinical Nurse Specialist working at the Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal Network (DAWN). She was nominated by a consumer who had sought assistance to taper from long term opioid use. From their initial meeting, Jo made the consumer feel at ease with her listening skills, empathy, and non-judgemental attitude, enabling the consumer to feel they were in safe hands. Through phone conversations a home visit plan was established which eased the consumers anxiety. By arriving promptly, and never rushing a session Jo made a world of difference to her consumer through her genuine warm nature, compassion, and expert knowledge. The consumer pushed through tougher moments to show Jo her efforts were not wasted and feels extremely lucky their worlds aligned. The consumer commented, “it is very rare to find someone so dedicated, caring and passionate about their work, especially in the tough field of nursing where compassion fatigue can occur”.

Jessica Rees – Perth Childrens Hospital, Child and Adolescent Health Service

Jessica is a Registered Nurse at Perth Childrens Hospital. The consumer is eternally grateful Jess was part of their journey whilst their daughter was a patient. Jess provided the family with privacy and permission to make the hospital environment homely for their daughter through music and decoration. Her constant reassurance encouraged and enabled the family to develop bonds by holding their daughter as often and for as long as they wished. When the family were overwhelmed and upset, Jess was there to offer support. She beautifully captured all the things the family loved and had said about their daughter on the hospital room whiteboard, and even handmade a journal for their son as a keepsake so he can remember his sister. When their child passed, Jess brought orange blossom from her garden, and in honour of this, the family have planted a navel orange tree in their garden. “Jess truly is an incredible person, PCH are extremely lucky to have her as part of their team”.