2024 Excellence in Enrolled Nursing

Amelia Stephens – Royal Perth Bentley Group, East Metropolitan Health Service

An enrolled nurse on the Mental Health Unit at Royal Perth Hospital, Amelia embraces her role with enthusiasm and skill, providing the very best person-centred care to her patients who are experiencing acute or enduring mental illness. Her professionalism ensures a strong value-based culture and clinical practice well equipped to provide advanced, comprehensive, and evidence-based nursing care sensitive to the individual journey of her patients. Amelia’s patient centred approach and genuine interest in supporting exemplary care outcomes is beyond her years of experience. She embodies leadership qualities that inspire and elevate the practice of her colleagues and her lived experience fosters an environment of shared understanding. Amelia proactively mentors newly enrolled and graduate nurses through sharing her knowledge and experience cultivating a positive and compassionate workplace culture. Her skill in developing therapeutic relationships is commendable where she leverages trust to deescalate emotionally dysregulated situations, demonstrating understanding of patient needs. Amelia’s pursuit of a Bachelor of Nursing reflects her dedication to ongoing professional development while her vision of becoming a Nurse Practitioner shows her commitment to advancing her career and the broader field of mental health nursing.

Dianna Goodchild – Amana Living

Dianna is an enrolled nurse at Wearne House with the additional roles of site safety representative and infection control champion. She is proactive and solutions-focussed, promoting a culture of safety and reflecting a genuine commitment to the wellbeing of residents and staff. Her influence extends to new staff who actively seek her guidance during buddy shifts, and she willingly shares her knowledge of residents and insights into resident care approaches. In times of staffing changes Dianna plays a crucial part in contributing to a positive work atmosphere boosting morale and improving communication. In essence, her holistic approach, encompassing safety promotion, high-quality nursing care, and mentorship, establishes her as a role model inspiring the best possible practice. Dianna’s commitment to resident-centric care is unwavering. She sees Wearne House as the residents’ home, recognising residents as individuals and striving to make the best of their lives ensuring comfort for those with chronic illnesses. Her efforts are deeply rooted in her dedication to placing the residents’ needs and comfort at the forefront of decision-making, contributing to an environment where achieving the best outcomes for residents is the shared goal for the entire team.

Leandri Snellenburg – Amana Living

Leandri qualified as an enrolled nurse in 2021 and currently works at RPH. In the short time she has been practicing in her profession she has made a big impact as a role model to others and significantly contributes to positive patient experiences. Leandri provides quality evidence-based nursing care, and promotes health, wellbeing, and ongoing support to improve patients’ conditions and quality of life. She consistently demonstrates excellence in her daily practices of patient care having a kind, caring and compassionate nature. She champions the ward culture of safety and compassionate care and continually puts the best interests of her patients first. Leandri can express empathy and acknowledge when patients require additional support, explaining treatment plans, answer questions, and spend quality time with patients demonstrating a genuine interest. She inspires those around her, and her nursing practice appears more advanced than the time she has been in the profession. Her knowledge and skills are extremely developed, and this is acknowledged in her cooperative nature to all nursing, medical and allied health teammates as she consistently goes out of her way to assist or support her colleagues.