2024 Excellence in Registered Nursing

Sarah Halligan – Royal Perth Bentley Group, East Metropolitan Health Service

Sarah is a clinical nurse in the Emergency Department (ED) at Royal Perth Hospital. Sarah is an influential leader who has worked with internal and external stakeholder to implement and support the roll out of the revolutionary “Language Legends” system which facilitates interpreter services for patients in the ED. Her passion for this work stems from her lived experience as a hearing-impaired individual and has driven her empathy and understanding of the challenges experienced by CaLD patients. Sarah believes communication between patient and healthcare providers is key to delivering the finest patient-centred care possible and her service bridges the gap of language barriers in the ED setting. She is passionate about delivering a healthcare service that is empowering for the patient, ensuring they feel safe and comfortable communicating what they need and want to healthcare providers. In the first 4 months since the service was launched, 182 patients in 39 different languages were able to access the system. This greatly improves efficiency and accuracy of patient assessment enabling staff to deliver what matters most to the patient.

Tasmin Davis – Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, North Metropolitan Health Service

Tasmin is a McGrath Early Breast Cancer Nurse Clinical Nurse in the SCGOPHCG Hospital Breast Centre where she passionately supports patients as they navigate diagnosis and treatment, providing supporting care interventions and communicating across health professions to ensure the right care at the right time in the right place. She is widely respected by her colleagues and peers in all the departments she works across. As an exemplary role model of the nursing profession, she is committed to excellence in professional practice and as such has devised and evaluated an evidence-based care plan designed to trigger individualised patient centred care. Tasmin is courageous, eager to learn, self-aware and passionate in driving best possible outcomes for patients. She works seamlessly coordinating and delivering treatment and supportive care, leveraging the expertise of each team member to deliver holistic patient centred care. At the very core of all she does in an empathic approach to building and maintaining therapeutic relationships with patients and their families for whom she advocates to influence change to improve their care journey. Tasmin is an early career nurse and emerging leader who engages and motivates others to work towards a shared vision bringing a contagious joy and energy to her work. She clearly demonstrates how nurses can drive innovation, and shape systems.

Dorothy Ziyebangwa – Fiona Stanley Fremantle Hospital Group, South Metropolitan Health Service

Dorothy is a clinical nurse in Geriatric Rehabilitation, Fremantle Hospital. She is an outstanding nurse who embodies the principles of compassion, excellence, and innovation, excelling in her work and elevating the entire profession through leadership, mentorship, and impactful initiatives. Dorothy is committed to improving the lives of elderly patients and is a driving force for positive change in the geriatric rehabilitation ward where her innovative approaches and tireless efforts enhance care quality and set a standard for excellence in geriatric nursing. She consistently exhibits positive relationships with peers, clients, and members of the interdisciplinary team to embody collaborative care and foster an environment of mutual support and shared success. Her influence extends beyond her immediate responsibilities, and she goes above and beyond to share her knowledge and nurture the next generation of healthcare professionals. What makes Dorothy truly exceptional is her collaborative spirit and advocacy for interprofessional collaboration and patient-centred care. She demonstrates a profound understanding of the benefits of effective partnerships to ensure an holistic approach to tailor healthcare delivery to the unique characteristics and needs of older individuals and their families. Dorothy’s dedication to ongoing communication, information sharing, and active involvement of patients in their care reflects a true partnership approach.