2024 Excellence in Residential Care

Perri Waddell – Bethanie

Perri is Clinical Nurse Manager for Bethanie Dalyellup, being integral in the commissioning of this aged care facility, where she supports staff of all levels to provide a great environment that puts residents first. Her interactions with residents are exemplary and her practice models the essence of person-centred care. Perri’s practice is a rare combination of the “art and science” of nursing where evidence-based practice, understanding and applying theory is mixed with genuine care and compassion. She has implemented changes to promote resident choice and dignity with the care facility as a home first and workplace second. Perri is a passionate advocate for aged care nursing being a mentor, preceptor, graduate program facilitator, and tutor for Australasian College of Infection Prevention and Control. She is a champion of innovation to improve the day-to-day life of residents, from removing medication trolleys in dining areas to promoting residents self-selecting their daily schedule, rather than service being based on set routine or staff timing. Perri embraces the opportunity to make a difference and has been able to create a culture from the ground up, leading an innovative team that sets expectations for a true person-centred care environment. Perri’s work has provided her countless moments of joy and she feels blessed to be indulged in these moments every day.  

Giana-gia Factor – Amana Living

Giana is the service manager of Edward Collick Home in Kalgoorlie and plays a key role in modelling and leading Amana Living’s philosophy of care. As a confident and compassionate leader, she understands the needs of her team and will address any challenges they bring to her attention. Giana encourages her staff to advance their careers and ensures they have access to training and education, and she will always assist her team in any way possible, from supporting hospitality staff to covering night duties. Through her work Giana has forged strong connections with the local community, collaborating with local groups and external partners to bring events and activities to her residents. This approach has seen customer satisfaction improve from 85% to 96%. Giana has also developed strong relationships with the residents and their families, embracing cultural and belief systems. Her commitment to her profession is evident in her career progression, from carer to service manager, reflecting her dedication and hard work. Giana believes caring for older Australians is a privilege, taking great joy in her work, and striving to be the family her residents might never have. She finds each day profoundly meaningful and fulfilling, especially when she is acknowledged and appreciated for the work she does.

Victoria Triffitt – Brightwater Group 

Victoria is an Enrolled Nurse working at Brightwater, Inglewood, and leads by example in her role, going above and beyond for clients and staff. She is patient, supportive and regardless of the problem presented to her she’ll do her upmost to solve it. Victoria is happy to work alongside her colleagues, is always there to lend a helping hand even when busy herself, and above all is committed to getting the best outcome for her clients.  Her personal philosophy is the care you give your clients is as much for them as for yourself. Through empathy, advice and leading by example, she instils in her colleagues the belief that when you go home at the end of a shift, you know you’ve done everything possible to help a client. Victoria arrives at work each day with a great attitude and people feed off the enthusiasm she brings to the facility. She accomplishes a lot in each shift, never postponing or handing over work to anyone else. She holds aged care as a specialty being very knowledgeable in this field, however, is always looking at how to improve herself and for ways to improve the client outcome.