2024 Graduate of the Year

Jessica Snowden – Rockingham Peel Group, South Metropolitan Health Service

Jess, a Graduate enrolled nurse at Rockingham General Hospital, embodies the core definition of a nurse displaying a maturity beyond her years. With a professional approach she adopts the organisational values across all areas of her work and during all levels of stakeholder engagement. Jess approaches each day with vibrant positivity, actively involving her patient in their care and recognises the benefits in forming partnerships with patients and their families to understand what is important to them, and how they manage their own health and wellbeing. This ensures the patient has a voice in their healthcare journey and receives individualised care. Jess simply wants to give people the best possible care she can, encompassing physical and mental wellbeing for the patient and their families. Jess has a positive nature, a can-do attitude, and an enthusiasm for learning from others to advocate for patients and improve their outcomes. She then pursues opportunities to share this knowledge, requesting to mentor and teach students, taking time to get to know them and their learning objectives.

Holly Green – Rockingham Peel Group, South Metropolitan Health Service

Holly, driven to pursue midwifery following her own pregnancy experience, has recently completed her Graduate midwife program at Rockingham General Hospital displaying care and compassion in all aspects of her role. Holly makes a difference to the experience of women, their infants and families taking time to understand all needs and wants before supporting informed decision-making based on the latest evidence-based information. With an ongoing passion for making a difference, she appropriately advocates for women to minimalise interventions, providing a safe and empowering birth environment. Demonstrating insight beyond her years, Holly acknowledges the journey all newly graduated staff encounter and appreciates the support they receive determines whether they remain in the profession. This led her to foster and promote a positive work environment, establishing a group discussion page for all staff. Holly’s innovation has been shown through her partnership with a fellow graduate where she assisted in the creation of a QRS coded app intended to support families transition through parenthood following the birth of their baby. It is hoped this app will become an integral part of the discharge process for new mothers.

Brianna Glasson – King Edward Memorial Hospital, North Metropolitan Health Service

As a self-motivated and empathic graduate midwife Brianna has provided care to women and their families, in multiple settings, throughout the continuum of pregnancy. She can adapt maternity care to suit the woman’s individual needs and consistently provides evidence-based, safe, effective, care. Leading by example, Brianna role models respectful, compassionate behaviour, qualities acknowledged by the women she cares for. She is always willing to go the extra mile and creates a positive culture in every interaction with her practice reflecting the key principles of woman-centred care. Brianna ensures women have choice, control and continuity facilitated by providing contemporary, comprehensive information and involves her patients in decision-making through open and honest communication. Her passion and commitment have been demonstrated throughout her graduate year where her calm demeanour, compassion and empathy with women demonstrates maturity beyond that of beginning level practitioner. One couple cared for by Brianna described their ‘gratitude for her sensitive and dignified care that provided a little bit of light in a dark time.’